12 Nov

How To Choose A Resort To Move To On The Costa Blanca

The largest concentration of resorts is to the North of Alicante, the provincial capital, with a long string of lively family-friendly beaches and the most glamorous jet set venues in Alicante. But the province also boosts some quiet beaches mostly in the far north and Valencian reaches. If you are conidering moving to the Costa Blanca, take a look at the Valuvillas website. here you will find a huge choice of townhouses, villas and apartments, at low prices.

Popular Benidorm, the Lively Resort

Benidorm, the original high rise resort, spruced up its image in recent years with lush greenery and parks and a good choice of restaurants and hotels.

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16 Sep

Best Summer Vacation Destinations For 2018

Cancun, Mexico is one of the most famous vacation destinations for students who need to get away for spring break. The Oasis Hotel also known as the "Be Live Cancun" offers great student packages and is smack inthe middle of great parties and entertainment. We had a holiday here in 2015, arranged by Yacht Charter Specialists.

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island is the ultimate student cruise aboard a party central cruise ship. The cruise begins in Fort Lauderdale and travels through the Bahama Islands. This is the ideal cruise for all those partying students on spring break.

South Padre Island, a beautiful gateway located on the tip of California, offers travelers the utmost party experience.

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29 Jul

Concerts Limo Service In Seattle Washington

This is going to be the best news you have seen in a while. Our limo services are now available in Seattle, Washington for all the pop and music loving fans who will want to attend the amazing concerts in style. We offer executive limo pick up and drops from your location to the venue of the concerts at such affordable rates you will love. We know how good it will feel to ride in a style much to the admiration of everyone when you get into the concert venue driveway and our We know how good it will feel to ride in a style much to the admiration of everyone when you get into the concert venue driveway and our fabulous looking limousines will get this picture perfectly.

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19 May

Why Corporate Limo Service Is Important In Todays Time

If you are hosting a significant occasion and customers are originating from all over, a business limousine service that has more than numerous limos is a must. An executive ground travel service, as it is likewise understood, should impress your customers and let them now that you are considering them worthwhile of unique treatment.

Security Is Constantly A Concern

In the end, security and personal privacy are two extra things you ought to examine your list when working with a business limousine service. Some customers do not desire direct exposure to promotion, and others might be adversely impacted by it. That is why security and personal privacy enter parallel with convenience and design when reserving a business limousine.

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14 Apr

Renting A Limo: 4 Misconceptions You Should Know About

If there is one thing you can actually do with your limo ride, is the customization of your journey. A lot of limo drivers would be actually happy to make an extra stop or change your plans if your request is reasonable and fits the guidelines.

3. It takes ages to find a good limo company

Limo companies in Tampa Bay, Florida and basically everywhere else are now able to get in minutes - thanks to the Internet. You can visit Google and type 'limo services in Tampa' and get a good grasp of the best companies in the area. Aside from the fact that just like in every industry, there are some bad apples, you should know that most of the professional and licensed limo companies provide great services in your area.

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13 Apr

A Journey To Mousehole In Cornwall

The county of Cornwall has long been associated with artists and great works of art. St Ives is most famous when it comes to art, thanks to the landscape painters who hailed here and the presence of the Tate St Ives art gallery. Other artistic hotspots include Penzance with its great galleries and the historic Newlyn School of Art, as well as Falmouth with its modern day College of Art.

Another big draw for artists is Mousehole just along the coast from Penzance and Lands End. I followed one of these roads along the coast, which was effectively a narrow passage of twists and turns surrounded by steep slopes.

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24 Mar

Tips For Choosing A Family Holiday In Cornwall

Larger holiday parks in Cornwall have onsite activities such as golf, tennis, basketball, skateboarding and swimming. Also kids can get around using their bike, in complete safety. There is so much going on that children of all ages and their parents will be happy and relaxed with this holiday choice.

Whats more, these holiday parks usually offer cheap and affordable deals for families as well. If you are travelling on a tight budget, a stay in these self catering properties can help to save money as you can cook your own food.

If a holiday lodge is not affordable, an even quicker way to holiday in Cornwall is to take a tent to pick at a campsite.

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25 Feb

A Guide To Cornwall’s Best Tourist Attractions

Cornwall really is a hiker's paradise; take a picnic to the beautiful flower-laden fields, or walk the dog along the unspoilt beaches. For the culture vultures among you, there is plenty of artistic heritage to delve into and stunning architecture to admire. There is also a fantastic night-life to enjoy when the sun goes down on a day of sightseeing. Cornwall's tourism is booming and it is not difficult too see why.

What To See And Do In Cornwall?

Revered as the 'eighth wonder of the world' by some, the Eden Project is a stunning global garden contained within dome-like tropical biomes.

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24 Jan

How Renting A Safari Tent Will Help You Enjoy Your Vacation

There is an airport located just a few minutes from the Camping Palamos site. You can just arrive and go without all the hassles of taking care of your tent. It is just like arriving at a hotel but you are closer to nature. You will enjoy the social feeling of Camping Costa Brava with all the basic amenities of staying in a hotel.

This type of camping with a difference is locally known as Glamping Costa Brava. And for all your Safari tent rental needs, you can go to holdaytent.eu. Holiday Tent will take care of all your glamping needs.

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31 Dec

Top 5 Snorkeling Locations In Maui

Of all the things you could possibly do Maui snorkeling is the most popular... and for good reason. The isle has more miles of calm, swimmable beach than any other Hawaiian island, in addition to great weather and an average year around temperature of 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. The island is surrounded by marine hotspots for divers and snorkelers alike, and you can choose any spot depending on what you want to see.

So what are the top spots for those interested in snorkeling in Maui? In reality, the good spots are easily accessible and located along the island's west shore.

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7 Dec

Finding Accommodation For Large Groups In Cornwall

Plan in advance Not only is it more difficult to find available cottages for the whole group, but actually finding the right schedule where everyone is free can be a headache as When you finally get everyone to agree, the property might already be let out. The trick is to find someone who will allow you to tentatively book, or renting directly from an independent owner, who might get fewer inquiries and might be more flexible. It pays to find a Cornwall holiday rental agency if you have a particularly large group to accommodate. 2. Establish ground rules and everyones roles First of all, share the work of who will book what and how the responsibilities are to be distributed.

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21 Nov

Accommodation Options For Families In Europe

Among the choices are The Explanade Hotel, Driftwood Hotel, Talland Bay Hotel, Trelaske Hotel and Restaurant, Hotel Tresanton, Watergate Bay Hotel, Mount Haven Hotel and Restaurant, John Francis Basset Hotel, and Budock Vean Hotel. Many of these hotels, such as the Watergate Bay Hotel, are situated in front of the sea. This makes spending time by the seaside a lot more convenient and enjoyable. If you cant stretch to a hotel, engage a local travel agency to find a suitable large family holiday home in Cornwall. Family Friendly Hotels in the UK The UK is one of the regions in Europe that is well-endowed with holiday destinations such as the numerous seaside towns in Cornwall.

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15 Oct

Top 10 Budget Accommodations For The Practical Traveller In Newquay

Just because you cant afford luxury holiday accommodation in Newquay you dont have to skimp on having a really great time in this famous holiday destination in Cornwall. Here are 10 budget accommodations in Newquay that provide excellent bed and breakfast packages.

Avalon - For non-smokers, the Avalon provides an excellent bed and breakfast accommodation at only £30 a night. This 3-star guest house is privately-owned and is located just a few hundred yards away from the beaches of Great Western and Tolcarne. It has only 6 en-suite rooms so booking is a must.

Chynoweth Lodge - A recipient of multiple awards like the Visit Britain Four Star and Visit Britain Breakfast, the Chynoweth Lodge provides excellent bed and breakfast at an affordable rate of only £30 per person.

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9 Oct

10 Best Restaurants In Perranporth, Cornwall

Holidaymakers in Perranporth are spoilt for choice for places to eat. This small tourist town on the North Cornwall has a large variety of restaurants, cafes and pubs to suit all tastes and holiday budgets. Besides finding the perfect holiday accommodation, where its self catering cottages, serviced hotels or scenic campsites, the next thing on the list of requirements for tourists and travellers is a good selection of places to eat. And Perranporth does not disappoint.. There are many fine restaurants in Perranporth all of which boast of using only the best And Perranporth does not disappoint. There are many fine restaurants in Perranporth all of which boast of using only the best and freshest ingredients they could find from the Cornish valleys and the warm Atlantic waters.

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20 Aug

Brexit and the UK’s Inbound Tourism Industry


After the UK’s EU Referendum of June 24, travellers could be forgiven for thinking that the flight codenamed “Brexit” has crash-landed in unknown territory and the pilots are clueless about taking off again.

So what will the impact be on the UK tourism industry?

Firstly, the UK has a huge inbound tourism sector. Two thirds (63%) of holidaymakers to Britain are from EU countries and 85% of passenger traffic to UK ports hails from the EU.

According to VisitBritain  inbound tourism was up 6% n the first quarter of 2016 compared to the same period of 2015. However, this was before the Brexit.

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